Oh oh oh Eau de Guerlain


It took some time -shame, shame, shame on me- to get Eau de Guerlain onto my shelves of cologne and perfume, but it’s definitely here to stay.

Up to now my perfume reviews have concerned those heavy, smelly, powerful, overwhelming families I affection so much: leathers and woody, oriental ambers. But this extreme needs to be balanced out!

Let me now share with you my pyjama family -yes, a personal nomenclature, for those colognes I generously splash on after my end-of-workday / beginning of evening shower and softened, when appropriate, with a bit of talc while I wait for my Tamaryokucha to steep. All this makes for the start-off of a marvellous evening. My pyjama party includes but is not limited to 4711, Eau d’Orange Verte -Hermès, Eau de cologne des princes -L.T. Piver, Lavanda -Ach. Brita, Jean-Marie Farina -Roger&Gallet, Étiquette bleue -d’Orsay and now Eau de Guerlain.

The beginning of Eau de Guerlain is a flustering explosion of lime flying here, orange shooting there and lemon darting about -N.B.: my description doesn’t fit with the pyramid description often provided.

I’ve now forgotten the day’s frustrations.

Frankly I’m happy to say that the limes and lemons do hang around for some time! Progressively the citrus fireworks slides into a sophisticated and well-rounded orange-blossom that holds on for some time with discreet woody underlying notes that I think keep the orang-blossom under control.

Though it can be attached to the eaux fraîches familly of fleeting scents, Eau de Guerlain is an eau de toilette, not an eau de cologne, and stays true, though quiet-spoken, throughout the day.


4 thoughts on “Oh oh oh Eau de Guerlain

  1. Love the name of this post Christopher:)

    You’ve got a nice evening ritual. One I’ve done a few occasions, especially when it’s really warm. Late-afternoon/evening perfumes have a different feel than morning/get-out-and-go approach.

    Really glad you got EdG too. It’ll be a wardrobe staple now:)

    • Thank you, Liam, dear fellow perfume blogger! My evening ritual, and it is systematic, was suggested to me by Roselyne, a colleague I worked with about ten years ago. She suggested that the evening is NOT the end of the day, it’s the beginning of a different part of the day -there’s a powerful underlying psychological effect here. Using the term beginning and preparing for it (i.e. shower, nice tea, a cologne – as done in the morning) has changed positively how I spend my evenings, what I think about… 7PM is now the beginning of a special, unique moment.

  2. I’ve read that others get a pronounced caraway note from EdG which thankfully escapes me. It is all primarily rich citrus musk on me and lasts an amazingly long time. It tends to get overlooked in the whole Guerlain jumble so it is good to see it being discovered yet again.
    And thanks for sharing your relaxation techniques. I tend to do the opposite in the evenings and use some more of my, shall we say, aromatic fragrances to unwind.

  3. Thank you! Well to each his own nose:-) but I do agree with you, I recognize no caraway in EdG. Yes, also EdG seems to get second or third seat within all the other Guerlain’s or unjustly associated with the eaux de cologne -that it is not.

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