The Fabulous Flacon for Femme by Rochas

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I’ve pretty much read everywhere that this bottle was fashioned based on MaeWest’s body. Neither sure how true nor flattering this may be, it’s quite an exceptional bottle.

The bottle is a heavy-solid and holds well in hand. The stopper is quite ingenious in that, and to the contrary of the majority of perfume bottles, it holds the label with the name of the perfume with in.

Two beautiful examples of the glass-stopper bottle used for Femme by Rochas.







The smaller bottle is from an earlier period than the larger bottle which can be deciphered by three points: 1) the lettering on the box for the older one is in print form and cursive for the more recent model 2) the metal hallmark on the older one shows the initials MR for Marcel Rochas and on the more recent bottle it displays the effigy of Marcel Rochas’ wife Hélène Rochas 3) the name ‘Marcel Rochas’ is molded in the stopper of the older one and is embossed in the label of the more recent one.

As with a majority of my collectibles, a notable Femme residue still holds fast in both bottles. Despite the years a distinct fragrance of Femme still ‘resonates’ when the stopper is removed. It’s taking a whiff back in time to the 1940’s -such a pleasure.

Thank you, Mae, for your sensual curves! 

One thought on “The Fabulous Flacon for Femme by Rochas

  1. That’s quite exceptional that some residue is left behind in the bottle. I go to a flea market every Saturday in town, and whilst there isn’t much, the occasional bottle can be found. None have a scent in them!

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