Detaille – a very old and discreet perfume house

Nestled discreetly at 10 rue Saint Lazare in the 9th arrondissement of Paris is the Detaille perfume boutique proudly putting forth its existence since 1905 -created by a well-to-do woman who found driving her car dehydrated her skin.

This marvelously -old- boutique is a gift from the 1930’s – not sure that much has changed since then, either, aside the arrival of a PC on the main desk (please remove it!). From the outside, this quaint perfume shop is inviting with its simple presentations and obsolete yet enchanting names. The line of perfumes, rice powders and cosmetics are methodically laid out with no extra puffy-duffy, spangling lights, wrinkle-disappearing promise blabla and general paraphernalia  that older brands still around today tend to exhibit to sell. No! Detaille puts forth honestly and proudly its perfumes and skin care lines on wood and glass shelves as could be found decades and decades ago.

Entering the boutique is like a magical charge if you, like me, enjoy vintage perfumes and the perfume world before it went productive haywire. Equally their older bottles are on display for the pleasure of all scent bottle collectors.

If you come through Paris, do make sure you stop by and smell Shéliane – for all of you who enjoy deep, powerful signature perfumes. At the boutique you will be greeted patiently and delicately led through the lines of products based on your likes.

One thought on “Detaille – a very old and discreet perfume house

  1. Ah Christopher, I wish I was in Paris. I’d pay you (in perfume) to take me round all the fragrant places you know:) It looks like a simply, lovely, unfussy experience in there

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