Did I ever mention I love Nuit de Noël

About twenty years ago, I purchased Le Guide du Parfum – Nouvelle Edition wp-1480705824145.jpgAugmentée (the guide to perfume – new augmented edition) by D. Veuillet-Gallot. Two updated versions have appeared since then. This book brought me to fall in love with- and buy – some of the greatest perfumes ever created during the first half of the last century.

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my grandmother wore Arpège

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About ten years ago, when I started to become interested in colognes, I was at Sephora on Faubourg Saint Antoine in the 12th Arrondissement for a special opening on a Sunday afternoon. I was sniffing a lot of things and grabbed a bottle, sprayed it on a scent strip and was about to move on when… I thought… THIS IS NOT NEW, I KNOW THIS FROM SOMEWHERE… BEFORE. Continue reading “my grandmother wore Arpège”